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What is Noispot?


The biggest national TV channel tells the story of the invention of Noispot.

How was it invented?


Science and technology TV programme delights new tech mobile geeks and music fans with the Noispot service.

Noispot in action


Noispot presents Mass Community DJ-ing by enabling thousands of people to control the music together in the biggest concert hall of the country.

"How to" animation


This is how we tell people how to use Noispot for the first time.

Seven out of ten people will remember a place better if it has Noispot running (HVG Offline)


(the “Hungarian Observer”: leading business, economic, social and technological weekly periodical)
Article: Background music 2.0
With the Noispot service barkeepers can outsource the compilation of background music to guests and pros. Venture capital got inspired by the idea as well.

IT Business Online

Article: Background noise generators
The brand new service invites the guests of bars, cafés and restaurants worldwide to compile the background music live.

(the most visited Hungarian news portal)
Article: Social Pubbing takes over the world! 100.000.000 million invested in the new invention
Noispot enables guests to edit the playlist in bars, cafés by a smartphone app. 100.000.000 has been invested in the service by a venture capital fund.

Social Times

(community media portal)
Article: Control the music of your favourite bar!
You don’t quite fancy the music being played in the restaurant you are in? Change the music with your smartphone!