Noispot Believes

  • in music, and holds that it is the second most important factor in entertainment and recreation, preceded only by companions
  • that music can influence the behavior and mood of people, either positively or negatively, even if they are not aware of the effect
  • that people feel more comfortable if they become familiar with their musical environment and the people around them
  • that people would like various types of music if only they knew about them
  • that smartphones make people’s lives easier and better
  • that online community services bring people closer offline as well
  • that conflicts of interest between customers can be resolved through the mutual respect of these interests, by efficiently providing information to these groups, and through communication
  • that if a user does not understand or feel comfortable using its service, the blame lies with Noispot and not the user
  • that it has to create a service that can offer tangible benefits to users over non-users

The Mission of Noispot

  • is that wherever people listen to music in company, the music playing should be one that makes them feel comfortable
  • is to build a service that helps people understand and shape their musical environment, and helps them connect with others through music
  • is to build a service that helps businesses offer a better experience to their customers


  • Noispot was launched in 2010 by Dávid Zsigó and László Márai.
  • The company currently employs 18 people in its Budapest and Berlin offices.