Marketing and Music Services for Businesses

  • Professional music channels

    It starts with the Box

    We will provide you with your own Social Pubbing box, which you can install anywhere in about 5 seconds,

    • dedicated hardware for your need
    • 24-hour replacement guarantee
    • 24/7 online and phone support
  • Player device for heavy use

    The Music you need*

    Noispot DJs will pick the finest music on your behalf, so your customers will have an even better time and will come back more often. You will never have to bother with CDs MP3 files, and customers will not have to listen to the bartenders metal CD during the day.

    • premium day and night, weekdays and weekend channels optimized for recreation and partying
    • Passworded admin interface to retain control over the music
    *74% of customers are dissatisfied with the music in the average catering establishment, and 22% will not return due to bad music
  • Your Facebook ads
    and music on guests' wall

    Continuous ads!

    "While using Noispot, they will also advertise your business on Facebook. For example if you have 60 customers on an average day, of whom one in six use Noispot, and they have an average of 200 friends each, that translates to 2,000 Facebook appearances a day and 48,000 a month. Your music, your message on the Facebook pages of your customers and their friends."

    • admin interface to control Facebook messages
    • you can decide what additional message or link will be displayed in their posts
    • Your music, your message on the Facebook pages of your customers
  • Interactive mobile app for guests
    with your logo and music

    What if your customers could have a say in what music is playing?

    Using the free Noispot mobile app, Your customers can vote on your songs or request a new performer from your approved list. The music that the largest number of customers prefer will play. Meanwhile, they can also get to know the people around them. Just place the flyers we send you and they can download the app from Android Market or App Store. They will feel more comfortable and will be more inclined to return.

    • they can download the app for free, then sign in to your location
    • they will be able to see the current track as well as upcoming songs
    • they can vote for a new performer
    • they will be able to check what the other customers voted for
  • Messaging to guests through
    their mobiles

    Inform your customers through their mobile phones!

    Using the free Noispot mobile application, you will be able to regularly inform your customers about your latest offers or events.

    • any notes you want to send out will be instantly displayed on the phones of your customers
    • you can broadcast a message Friday afternoon about the special offers available that night in your establishment
  • Control platform for managers

    Build a new revenue channel

    Your customers will also be able to buy music using their phones. You will receive the commission after the sale.

(first month free of charge)